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In defense of bread: Panera Bread warms up the Shops this summer

13 July 2012no comments Eat

panera bread coming soon to the shops at don mills

Mmm…bread. It’s official: Panera Bread is opening at the Shops at Don Mills! Here are five reasons why we can’t wait for the connoisseurs of dough to come to our neighbourhood.

1. The Atkins diet is so five years ago.
Panera Bread was the first in its industry to voluntarily post calorie info at its cafes, so we know that the company is focused on healthy living. They even have a nutrition calculator. We prefer a balanced diet after all, though it’s easy to splurge on those muffins.

2. We can’t look at these recipes without salivating.
Sooo, FYI: Panera has a fine selection of creative recipes in addition to what’s in their shop. Our excuses for not making french toast are wearing thin at this point. We’ve been enticed by the bruschetta, sandwiches, grilled croutons and bread pudding. Basically, we have a lot of sliced bread to buy this weekend.

3. Panera Bread’s menu is the greatest invention since…sliced bread.
Panera’s menu is undeniably amazing and they also cater, which means you’ll probably call them to that fancy soiree you’re having in your Flaire condo party room. They’ll also be conveniently on your way to work as you consider a fine morning pastry.

4. Bread is nearly 30,000 years old and exists in every culture. 

“A loaf of bread in each arm” is Panera’s slogan,  but it might also be the world’s slogan. As agriculture spread from the Neolithic era, grains inevitably became the centre of the diets of many cultures. Think of baguettes from France, naan from India, tortillas from Mexico or focaccia from Italy. We like our dough diverse.

5. Bread is almost as popular on the internet as cats. Almost.

(Further evidence of the cat-bread trend.)

We’ll keep you in the loop with any new updates on Panera Bread, which will be opening very soon! Another great addition for our soon-to-be residents.

Have you had Panera Bread before? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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